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Escoret Manajemen

Iniska Management
Komp. Chandra Indah
Blok A. 49 Rt 04/015
Pondok Melati – Bekasi
021 – 99655040, 08128547238

For All The Family of Escoret we wanna says thank you for all your support this time.
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Kompilasi Pondok Gede Party (1999)

Ska Klinik (2000) Musica Studio


Punk Had Been Established?

By: Rika Escoret

After all this time touch a community that echoes the call underground with various ups and downs, we come to the point or stage of quavers century. Then we proudly cult themselves as part or the team that successfully escaped from the rigorous selection of nature.
ok ... after we get to this stage ... what do we see?
Society no longer has now been discredited punk n skin (mostly punk) as a terrible thing ... hip .. hip .. horay!
then ...?
- they've Lots scattered all sorts of fashion styles adopted from the punker - the beginning: stlye mohawk, piercings, tattoos, and so it is one extreme form of rebellion from the stiffness before the public dressed. That is, fashion of this community are now taken for granted and no longer considered a strange thing ... in fact, they following what we use .. damn ... like dead style i am ...
- Serving the music of our community too, from the sound, the beat - until with any form of criticism and protests, some aimed at the major labels to the animal or what, who, whatever ... it has now become a very, very ordinary .. why did I say anything like that? as you can see ... SID or "cancut muter" with pieces of duck "serong kanan serong kiri "... loud music they've now justified in the public's ear ...
- Instead emotional concert, metal .. been on many kids ... from within or outside the community who dressed undergound ... ... aaaarggghhhhhh, ...
not easy to guest where people are 'real' ama yg 'fake' or "karbitan" which is all similar ... ....!!!
until my friends outside the community was already on DIY adopts is also in making his albums ... crazy! what is that mean ???...
in fact, now only major to indie themselves ...!!!

So ... what then ...???
what we have done before now been well established now ...
then ... what in the end the concept of the anti-establishment punk jargon should be erased? and turned into ordinary punk ...
isn't that punk is critical? birth to many new breakthroughs, striking the stability that fosters burnout & artificiality of life?
make the show ...??? all make ...
collective event too ...??? all ...
stlye destroyed destruction? kangen band what could any destroyed? ..
What we are proud of this stagnancy?
come on ... do something ...!!!

Press Release

With music and performance style that remains consistent, still exist ESCORET survive in the music world and brought the SKA Indonesia as the selected musical genre.
The first album "When the Beat Start to Heat," released in 2004 further raised the band departed from this world as an indie band SKA Indonesia.
Now after more than 10 years since its inception (1998), ESCORET issued second album "Jangan Tanya" in 2008, still on course for consistency more contemporary SKA raising hits singles "Dan Sepertinya (Ku Jatuh Cinta Lagi)".
The power of music which is a harmonious blend of melodic guitar sounds thick, sweet saxophone playing, and playing piano and organ, the more nuances SKA provide an easier to digest and to enjoyed for all the music listeners in Indonesia, has been successfully poured in a few songs with the lyrics of love universal as Aku Kehilangan, With You, and the major hits, Dan Sepertinya (Ku Jatuh Cinta Lagi).
Album contains 10 songs that are the result of hard work from all personnel ESCORET, an album that tells stories mostly found around us with a strong theme of love and a mild scolding for reminding us of a sense of consistency, existence, and togetherness.
"Jangan Tanya" why we like this, the struggle to keep up the music SKA to be made public, as beautiful music to hear, feel, and hope everyone enjoyed the SKA music lovers in Indonesia.


1. Doni San (Keyboard)
2. Ferika (Vokal)
3. Edo (Bassist)
4. Otnay (Lead Guitar)
5. Andri Haikal (Drummer)
6. Yurie (Saxophone)
7. Daniel (Guitar)